Minutes November 2021

Minutes from November 2021 meeting

Parish Clerk: Mr Alan Bean
21 Doublegates Avenue, Ripon, HG4 2TP
Tel.: 01765 608512 E-mail:

Minutes taken by Mr Alan Bean
HELD ON Monday 8th November 2021 at Lofthouse Village Hall at 7.30pm

Full social distancing was maintained during the meeting

  1. PRESENT Cllr R. Watson, Cllr D. Fothergill, Cllr J Graham, Cllr A Sykes, Cllr M Wells , County Cllr S Lumley and Clerk Mr Alan Bean

  2. APOLOGIES Cllr. S Ramsden,, Cllr J Carter, Cllr A. Challis


  4. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING Proposed Cllr R Watson, Seconded Cllr D. Fothergill,

  5. MATTERS ARISING Applications for new councillor are ongoing

  6. COUNCILLORS REPORTS County Cllr S Lumley reported the new council formation has been decided, which will have York separate. The new setup will have a reduced number of councillors, down to 90, subject to confirmation from government. 1st April 23 is when the new council will take place. Kexgill is still pending, due to land ownership issues. Highways have become North Yorkshire Highways, and is taking a new fleet of vehicles, but is suffering from the national shortage of drivers. Harrogate Gateway project to improve the image and traffic in Harrogate, is proving controversial. Work on the reservoir is still pending. Chair is going to contact new person at Highways to update the situation.

  7. FIRE STATION Work is being planned to remove the buildings.


  9. CCTV Nothing to report

  10. STREET LIGHTS work has been commissioned on the light in Middlesmoor

  11. RAMSGILL Nothing to report

  12. PARKING NEAR RESERVOIR It has been noted land including the parking area, is now up for sale

  13. HIGHWAYS Potholes have appeared near Old Vicarage

  14. PLAYGROUNDS REPORT .Still awaiting for responses regarding swing seat replacements

  15. PARISH CARETAKER Work is going ahead on hedges, which is a landowner responsibility

  16. PLANNING APPLICATIONS 21/04324/FUL Mr Smith the council has no objection 21/04289/COU Mr Church The council has no objection

  17. COMMUTED SUMS A sum of money has been set aside for a new bench for Ramsgill.

  18. MILLENIUM MARQUEE Nothing to report

  19. PINFOLD nothing to report

  20. WEBSITE updates have been agreed


  22. ACCOUNTS It was agreed to look at moving Bank accounts. For a first step, clerk is contacting other councils to hear their experiences.

  23. OTHER BUSINESS Funding for Village Halls has so far been taken up by 2 of the 3 halls. Signage for footpaths AONB has stated they have no funding for, so council has agreed to repair them, chair is getting quotes.


ACCOUNTS DETAILS as per statements received up to 31/10/21

Balance of Millennium Marquee Account at 31/10/21 £ 2683.77

Balance of Business Account at 31/10/21 £ 12516.16 £ 15,199.93

RECEIPT Interest 0.02p



Clerks Pay £211.48

  1. CONFIDENTIAL ITEMS Nothing to report

  2. NEXT MEETING will be held at Middlesmoor Village Hall Monday 13th December 2021 7.30pm

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