Minutes June 2022

Minutes from June 2022 meeting

Parish Clerk: Mr Alan Bean
21 Doublegates Avenue, Ripon, HG4 2TP
Tel.: 01765 608512 E-mail:

Minutes taken by Mr Alan Bean
HELD ON Monday 13th June 2022 at Middlesmoor Village Hall at 7.30pm

  1. PRESENT Chair Cllr R. Watson, Cllr. S Ramsden, Cllr D. Fothergill, Cllr A. Challis, Cllr M Wells, Cllr A Sykes, Cllr D Verity, District Councillor S. Lumley and Clerk Mr Alan Bean

  2. APOLOGIES, Cllr J Graham, Cllr J Carter


  4. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING Proposed Cllr R Watson, Seconded Cllr S Ramsden


  6. COUNCILLORS REPORTS District Councillor Stan Lumley confirmed he will be the councillor for the area until April next year. District Councillor S Lumley explained when the new council format will take over, this will be the biggest change to the council since the 1970’s. From planning to Grass cutting is going to be moved to this new council. This new authority starts from April 2023. The new council will run for 4 years before elections take place

  7. FIRE STATION According to the new county councillor, Mr Munday, who wasn’t present at this meeting, The fire station has funding in place until at least 2025. The garages next to the fire station have now gone, and the fencing is due to be completed in July.,

  8. CCTV . Nothing to report

  9. STREET LIGHTS The light at Stean is not connected, and maybe some time before it can be.

  10. VILLAGE ISSUES It has been noted by locals that the green in front of the Yorke Arms isn’t looking its best at the moment. The new properties in Middlesmoor do not appear to have bins. It was agreed the clerk to email Harrogate Borough Council to ask them to look into this. It is believed the property owners are having to use communal bins for visitors waste. Questions have been asked about the ongoing empty properties in Ramsgill.

  11. PARKING NEAR RESERVOIR No news on the parking

  12. HIGHWAYS Yorkshire Water are repairing the wall damage from an accident

  13. PLAYGROUNDS REPORT A damage swing has been reported. Councillors are going to visit the playground to inspect the damage, and see if it is repairable, or the swing needs taking out of action. It was suggested Pateley Bridge may have knowledge of suppliers, if required.

  14. PARISH CARETAKER Invoice for sign posts was received


  16. COMMUTED SUMS Nothing new to report

  17. MILLENIUM MARQUEE The Marquee was out for a wedding, payment is still pending. The Marquee was successfully used as part of the Jubilee celebrations. Nothing new is booked.

  18. PINFOLD nothing to report

  19. WEBSITE Nothing to report

  20. JUBILEE CELEBRATIONS. The Jubilee celebrations were extremely successful. Fireworks, Prizes, Ice Creams, Catering and tree planting was only part of it. Donations towards this event, received in this meeting, reached £550.

  21. ACCOUNTS as listed below.

  22. OTHER BUSINESS The council wanted to thank Cllr R Watson and all the volunteers for helping create a great Jubilee celebration, which members of the community will remember for years to come.


ACCOUNTS DETAILS as per statements received up to 31/5/22

Balance of Millennium Marquee Account at 31/5/22 £ 2684.18

Balance of Business Account at 31/5/22 £ 13787.47 £ 16471.65

RECEIPT Interest 0.11p



The following payments were agreed by the council

Clerks Pay £261.94

ARJ Contractors for signs £400.00

Jubilee Purchases

DJ + DC COATES – Ice Creams £270.00

D Fothergill – Catering Supplies £47.48

R Watson – Fireworks, Trees, Prizes £789.66


  1. CONFIDENTIAL ITEMS Nothing to report

  2. NEXT MEETING will be held at Ramsgill Village Hall on Monday 11th July 2022 7.30pm

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