Minutes for April 2021

Minutes from April 2021 meeting

Parish Clerk: Mr Alan Bean
21 Doublegates Avenue, Ripon, HG4 2TP
Tel.: 01765 608512 E-mail:

Minutes taken by Mr Alan Bean
HELD ON Monday 12th April 2021 online on Zoom at 7.30pm

Full social distancing was maintinated during the meeting

  1. PRESENT Cllr R.Watson, Cllr D. Fothergill, Cllr. S Ramsden , Cllr A Sykes, County Cllr S Lumley, and Clerk Mr Alan Bean

  2. APOLOGIES Cllr B Harrison, Cllr M Wells, Cllr A. Challis, Cllr J Carter, Cllr J Graham,


  4. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING Proposed Cllr D Fothergill, Seconded Cllr R. Watson,

  5. MATTERS ARISING nothing to report

  6. COUNCILLORS REPORTS County Councillor S Lumley reported that as of the 17th of May, face to face meetings must tae place, and zoom meetings must stop. He is to have a meeting with Area 6 Highways at the end of the month, and is fully aware of the issues with the road near the resevour, and isgoing to bring up the urgency of this. The local government in the area is going to change next year, but currently is under discussion. The decision must take place by the end of the summer, and to be operational by May 2022.

  7. FIRE STATION Garages are to be removed, and site cleared.

  8. RIGHTS OF WAY Ru=ights of way have been in contact, and council has confirmed its response, as required.

  9. CCTV Nothing to report

  10. STREET LIGHTS Cllr S Ramsden reported a street light out in Ramsgill

  11. TELEPHONE BOXES awaiting repair and repaint

  12. RAMSGILL nothing extra to reply

  13. HIGHWAYS Gouthwaite resevour road has had new barriers, which have slipped into the hole. County councillor S Lumley is to talk to Highways about this, and other issues, at the end of the month. Moor lane has seen damage, suspected from gritters.

  14. PLAYGROUNDS REPORT Slide needs some work on it as the sides are no longer as high as required with new slides. County Councillor S Lumley stated he may be able to find funds to help with this.

  15. PARISH CARETAKER Nothing new to report.

  16. PLANNING APPLICATIONS Planning application was withdrawn before the meeting

  17. COMMUTED SUMS Ongoing.

  18. MILLENIUM MARQUEE Lock to garage where the marquee is stored was missing, so replacement lock was bought by Cllr D Fothergill and agreed for and paid for by the council

  19. PINFOLD nothing to report

  20. WEBSITE nothing to report

  21. ACCOUNTS as listed below. .


  23. CORRESPONDENCE nothing

ACCOUNTS DETAILS as per statements received up to 31/03/21

Balance of Millennium Marquee Account at 31/03/21 £ 2683.63

Balance of Business Account at 31/03/21 £ 6523.08 £ 9206.71

RECEIPT Interest 0.02p


Clerks Pay 200.00

Defib Warehouse, replaceent pads 47.94

YLCA annual premium 200.00

D Fothergill marquee lock 12.99

Came and co Insurance 402.25

  1. CONFIDENTIAL ITEMS Nothing to report

  2. NEXT MEETING will be held at Middlesmoor Villae Hall 17th May 2021 at 7.30pm

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