Minutes for April 2019

Minutes from April 2019 meeting

Parish Clerk: Mr Alan Bean
21 Doublegates Avenue, Ripon, HG4 2TP
Tel.: 01765 608512 E-mail:

Minutes taken by Mr Alan Bean
HELD ON Monday 8th April 2019 at Ramsgill Village Hall at 7.30pm

  1. PRESENT Cllr R Watson (Chairman), Cllr S Ramsden (Vice Chairman), Cllr A Challis, Cllr S Lumley, Cllr A Sykes

  2. APOLOGIES Cllr J Graham, Cllr D Fothergill, Cllr J Carter,


  4. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING proposed Cllr S Ramsden seconded Cllr A Challis

  5. CLLR NETHERCOAT MEMORIAL Currently considering a seating area in Lofthouse Playground. Chair is looking at costings.


  7. COUNCILLORS REPORTS Cllr S Lumley reported that Kexgill maybe closed for 1 week for resurfacing around 13th May. The Area plan has been reviewed, and a number housing sites in the AONB have now been removed from the area plan.

Cllr S Ramsden also pointed out that an articulated lorry became stuck at Middlesmoor yet again. Chair is going to send an email to Highways department regarding stopping lorries going this direction.

  1. FIRE STATION A number of volunteers are now going forward for medicals

  2. RIGHTS OF WAY Enough forms have now been collated, and to be sent.

  3. CCTV All Councillors agreed to going ahead with new CCTV. A budget for equipment of up to £400 was agreed.

  4. RAMSGILL GREEN PARKING The Chair has a meeting arranged with Mr Briggs this coming week.

  5. HIGHWAYS It was noted that in the end of September the Cycle race will be taking place in the area. Plans for such need to be considered

  6. PLAYGROUNDS REPORT Cllr A Challis has looked at the Playgrounds and has noticed some corrosion on the underside of baby swings.

  7. PARISH CARETAKER Caretaker to visit Playground and examining, and rectify if required, the corrosion on playground swings. Caretaker is also dealing with the fencing at Lofthouse.

  8. PLANNING APPLICATIONS 19/00733/FUL Mr B Crosby, Fountains Cottage, Bouthwaite, Garage Conversion Council has no objections

  9. COMMUTED SUMS Almost all funds are now sorted.

  10. MILLENIUM MARQUEE Nothing to report

  11. PINFOLD nothing to report

  12. WEBSITE nothing to report

  13. OTHER BUSINESS Chair and Vice Chair are arranging a litter pick.

  14. CORRESPONDENCE A letter was received from a visitor to the area, regarding Litter on Yorkshire water area. Chsir is going to speak to Yorkshire water. Local verification for sanctuary housing was requested, and confirmed.

ACCOUNTS DETAILS as per statements received up to 31/3/19

Balance of Millennium Marquee Account at 31/3/19 £ 2627.21

Balance of Business Account at 31/3/19 £ 2422.20

£ 5049.41

RECEIPT Interest 0.45p


Clerks Pay £170

Caretaker £60.00

Came and Company Insurance £200

YLCA £356.52

  1. CONFIDENTIAL ITEMS Nothing to report

  2. NEXT MEETING 7pm 13th May 2019 Lofthouse Village Hall – Annual Meetings / Parish Meeting

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