Minutes of April 2018

Minutes from April 2018 meeting

Parish Clerk: Mr Alan Bean
21 Doublegates Avenue, Ripon, HG4 2TP
Tel.: 01765 608512 E-mail:

Minutes taken by Mr Alan Bean
Monday 9th April 2018 at Ramsgill Village Hall at 7.30pm

  1. PRESENT Cllr S. Ramsden (Chairman); Cllr P Nethercoat, Cllr R Watson, Cllr A Sykes, Cllr J Carter,

  2. APOLOGIES Cllr B Harrison, Cllr S Lumley, Cllr A Challis, Cllr D. Fothergill, Cllr J Graham

  3. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST Cllr S Ramsden re planning application

  4. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING Minutes for Parish Council Meeting held on 12th March 2018 at 7.30pm were proposed by Cllr P Nethercoat seconded by Cllr J Carter signed by Chairman Cllr Ramsden and agreed by all Councillors present as a true and accurate copy

  5. MATTERS ARISING Telephone Box. Cllr S Lumley to report back, but as not present left until his next appearence

  6. COUNCILLORS REPORTS Cllr J Carter pointed out Grit Bins are now empty. Cllr P Nethercoat pointed out the rubbish bins are not always being emptied regularly and suggested the possibilities of extra bins in the lofthouse area. Cllr R Watson pointed out a new fence next to the cricket ground, is now becoming a place full of dog mess, and it is becoming an issue. He believes this is due to the fact the path now has a fence at either side, so the mess is being comtained a lot more.Cllr S Ramsden wished the council to consider the possibility of moving the 3 parish councils Upper Nidderdale covers , into 1 parish council. This would save a lot of confusion in future. It was agreed this would be left for the next meeting.

  1. RIGHTS OF WAY Documents are being forwarded, and upon arrival, they are to be forwarded to Cllr R Watson to look into.

  2. WAR MEMORIALS A Brief look at Ramsgill memorial, showed cleaning was necessary before further work could be considered. Cllr R Watson also explained the Memorials funding required it cleaning before further action. This was to be taken forward, and looked further into at next meeting and a quote for professional cleaning confirmed

  3. HIGHWAYS The amount of potholes that are now in the area are causing concern. However the Council is fully aware this is a county wide issue, probably caused by the recent bad weather

  4. PLAYGROUNDS REPORT . No new issues to report

  5. PARISH CARETAKER It was confirmed the caretaker should have Imdemnity for £5million, The caretaker is to be requested to clean steps at Middlesmoor, plus deal with the trees between Upper and Lower Lofthouse plus Grange Lane

  6. RAMSGILL GREENThe hearing has be posponed until near end of year now. Cllr S Ramsden to meet with interested parties to try to find some way to bring parties together. It was also suggested to contact the parking company, to ask why they feel they can charge for parking on common land. Clerk to do.

  7. BUS SHELTER AT SCHOOL The council agreed the school can use the bus shelter for any needs they require.

  8. PLANNING APPLICATIONS 3 Applications received Cllr S Ramsden left the meeting room while his application was considered.The resultas were as follows

PP-06812422 18/01115/FUL Ramsden, Middlesmoor, Harrogate A – The council has no objection. 6.16.51.B.PNAFULl 18/00486/PNA/FUL Ewbank, Middlesmoor, Harrogate A – The council has no objection. 6.28.85.C.FUL 18/00946/FUL Church, Wath Bridge, Pateley B – The council objects due to the style of the proposed buildings, and the number of Units

  1. MILLENIUM MARQUEE Nothing to report

  2. PINFOLD nothing to report

  3. WEBSITE nothing to report



Balance of Millennium Marquee Account at 31/3/18 £ 2173.59

Balance of Business Account at 31/3/18 £ 4671.68

£ 6845.27

RECEIPT Interest 0.13p


Invoice For Parish Clerk,

Salary , Home office and Broadband/phone use and Expenses Fuel to and from Meetings £ 170.00

YLCA Annual Fee £198.00

Lofthouse Village Hall Hire 2016/17 + 2017/18 £170.00

Middlesmoor Village Hall 2017 / 18 £ 80.00

  1. CONFIDENTIAL ITEMS Nothing to report


  3. NEXT MEETING 14TH May 2018 at Lofthouse Memorial Hall at 7pm

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